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Rabu, 07 Mei 2008

Kitty Zhang Yu Qi, beautiful hair and sexy girl pictures

Kitty Zhang not only famous for her sexy and beautiful faces, but also for her long hair. I think her hair is too long, but still suitable for her tall body (170 cm). Find out Kitty Zhang Yu Qi poses in white T-Shirt photos.

Kitty Zhang BeautifulKitty Zhang BeautifulKitty Zhang BeautifulKitty Zhang BeautifulKitty Zhang Beautiful

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Selasa, 06 Mei 2008

Kitty Zhang Yu Qi in CJ7 Movies

Kitty Zhang CJ7Kitty Zhang CJ7Kitty Zhang CJ7Kitty Zhang CJ7Kitty Zhang CJ7

Kitty Zhang Yu Qi in Steven Chow's new movie "CJ7". She roled as beautiful teacher named "Ms. Yuen".

CJ7 infos:
Steven Chow's new project has just started shooting in Ningbo, where Chow's ancesters come from. The movie title, Changjiang No.7, is inspired by the mission that sent the first Chinese astronaut into the space from China. This film is said to be a Sci-fi comedy. The female protagnist is possibly a robot, although even the director says he hasn't had the script yet. The new actress playing the leading role, 18 years old Zhang Yuqi has professional acting training in Shanghai Drama Academy.

The Trailer for this film is here:

US release date: 11 Jan 08
HK release date: 31 Jan 08

Stephen Chow - Ti
Kitty Zhang - Ms. Yuen
Lam Chi Chung - The Boss
Xu Jiao - Dicky
Shing-Cheung Lee - teacher
Tin Kai Man

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Senin, 05 Mei 2008

Kitty Zhang in sexy bikini

Kitty Zhang Yu Qi is busty girl. Look at her boobs wearing sexy bikini, and remember that she just 19 years old at that time. Here is some photos, galleries, pics of hot Kitty Zhang.

Kitty Zhang Sexy BikiniKitty Zhang Sexy BikiniKitty Zhang Sexy BikiniKitty Zhang Sexy BikiniKitty Zhang Sexy BikiniKitty Zhang Sexy Bikini

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Minggu, 04 Mei 2008

Kitty Zhang, busty and sexy young china actress

Kitty Zhang Chinese ActressKitty Zhang Chinese Actress

Kitty Zhang is young actress from Shandong, China. She got popularity rapidly after played in Stephen Chow new movies "CJ7". She roled as Teacher Yuen (Ms. Yuen) there.

Kitty Zhang Yu Qi has a natural big boobs, and busty. With her tall body and long legs, she is immediately always being searched by her fans around the world over internet. No doubt, she will become china big star in the future.

Though CJ7 is her first film, her next movie Jump, directed by Stephen Fung is bound to set her path to stardom.

Kitty Zhang Yu Qi profile :

Name - Kitty Zhang Yu Qi (张雨绮)
生日:1988 (DOB - 1988)   
国籍:中国 (Nationality - Chinese)
地域:中国 山东 (Place of birth - Shandong, China)
职业:演员 (Occupation - Actress)
身高:170cm (Height - 1.7m)
三围:35D、24、35 (B-W-H - 35D、24、35)
体重:48kg (Weight - 48kg)
学历:上海戏剧学院附属戏曲学校主修表演 (Qualifications - Shanghai Drama school)

Kitty Zhang Movies :
- CJ7
- Jump

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