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Rabu, 25 Agustus 2010

Kitty Zhang and Shawn Yue in film Curse of the Deserted

Kitty Zhang Yu Qi comes back this 2010 with her new film 荒村公寓 (Huang Chun Gong Yu) or Curse of the deserted. After gained her popularity in Stephen Chow film CJ7 in 2008, this sexy girl had starred in several Chinese film such as All About Women, Jump, and Zhai Shen Dao.

Curse of the Deserted is a horror film starring Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue and Kitty Zhang, directed by Chi Leung Law (from Inner Senses, Koma).

The film is about a writer Guo (Shawn Yue) who pens a thriller for a magazine, only to become entangled in horrible real-life events much more frightening than those in his story. There is a deserted apartment in the city whose owner has connections with a terrifying underworld. To clear up the mysteries of the haunted apartment, the writer and his ex-girlfriend Zhi (Kitty Zhang) enters and encounters shocking events.

Kitty Zhang in film Curse of the Deserted Posters

Watch Kitty Zhang in film Curse of the Deserted Trailer video here

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