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Jumat, 18 Desember 2009

Kitty Zhang in dance comedy "Jump"

Jump (跳出去 - Tiao Chu Qu) ia Hong Kong's latest dance comedy movie directed by Stephen Fung and produced by veteran comedian Stephen Chow. China Sexy Girl Kitty Zhang who first appeared as the plain Jane school teacher in "CJ7", playing as a small-town girl who decides to move to the big city in Shanghai to fulfil her dreams of becoming a dancer. In conjunction with the Malaysian premiere of "Jump", a group of dancers from a fitness centre gave an energetic aerobics performance at Cathay Cineplex Damansara on 23 November 2009.

Kitty Zhang will play as Phoenix, A young country girl and was raised by her Kung Fu Master father after the death of her mother. Pheonix then gets the opportunity to move to the big city of Shanghai and pursue her dreams of dancing. Phoenix lands a part time job at local dance school to better her dance skills.

She then encounters Ron, the owner of the dance school and a rich playboy. Ron notices Phoenix's talents and offers her a free scholarship to his schoo. She also joins the upcoming dance competition. Phoenix also gets romantically involved with Ron, even with his reputation as a playboy.

Kitty Zhang trains hard for JUMP

In order to handle the massive amount of Hip Hop choreography in the film, Zhang Yuqi spent half a year with a professional dance instructor who the film company hired for all purpose physical and technical training. She said, "At the time I basically waited in a dance studio. The instructor trained with me everyday. Aside from dancing I didn't do anything else in hopes to be able to dance the most exciting dance." She even broke down after succumbing to the rigorous training.

As for her most memorable dance in the film, she heard the noise of a tractor and began to dance with her farm equipment. The more complete and technical part was when she represented a dance group to compete against a professional dance group in Korea. She had to add kung fu and Tai Chi elements in her choreography. She even personally performed each highly difficult move.

kitty zhang jump
Kitty Zhang as Phoenix in Jump movie

kitty zhang jump

kitty zhang jump

kitty zhang jump

kitty zhang jump

kitty zhang jump

jump yao wen xue
Yao Wen Xue

jump leon jay williams
Leon Jay Williams

jump stephen fung
stephen Fung

jump movie
Jump ia Hong Kong's latest dance comedy movie directed by Stephen Fung

Watch Kitty Zhang in Jump 《跳出去》张雨绮浪漫劲舞预告[粤] trailer video here :

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Kitty Zhang new movie Zai Shen Dao 2010

Kitty Zhang (Zhang Yu Qi) will take part in a film titled "Zai Shen Dao - 财神到" or God of Wealth is coming. The film is made for celebrating Chinese New Year which will fall on 14 February 2010.

It seems that Kitty Zhang is more active this year. After gained a high popularity in her film with Stephen Chow titled "CJ7", Kitty Zhang just appearanced in Shaolin Girl, All About Women, and Jump Out.

Other cast members in film Zai Shen Dao include Miriam Yeung, Vincent Kok, Tao Hong, Kenneth Tsang, Chin Kar-Lok, Lam Chi-Chung and Cheng Pei-Pei. The film will take place in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang. Chang Chen plays a blind pianist in love with Kitty Zhang. Still remember Chang Chen ? He played as Sun Qian in Red Cliff.

kitty zhang god of wealth
God of Wealth's Alan Tam, Kitty Zhang Yuqi, Chang Chen

kitty zhang god of wealth
Kitty Zhang in God Of Wealth coming (Cai Shen Dao 财神到 )

kitty zhang god of wealth

kitty zhang god of wealth

kitty zhang god of wealth

god of wealth arthur wong
Producer Arthur Wong

god of wealth chang chen
Chang Chen

god of wealth cheng pei pei
Cheng Pei Pei

god of wealth james yuen alan tam
Director James Yuen and Alan Tam

god of wealth miriam yeung
Miriam Yeung

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